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Text'nPayMe is a Deeptech Fintech company on a mission to redefine the future of digital payments. With our innovative mobile payment keyboard SDK, we empower bank and telco clients to perform financial transactions seamlessly within any social network or messaging app.

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Product Features

Natural experience

By integrating Text'nPayMe SDK, your clients can now use text and voice commands, or even stickers to easily and securely perform transactions. The experience is as easy and natural as having a chat in messaging apps.

Simple learning curve

To use Text'nPayMe your clients won't even need a tutorial. What they need is to type "send", then the amount of money, the receiver's information and securely approve the transaction, that's it! 🤩


Advanced security and zero-knowledge policy are at the heart of Text'nPayMe's product. To provide additional protection the transaction data is encrypted with our security layer which makes it impossible to break within reasonable time constraints.

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Value Added

Brand exposure

We challenged ourselves to develop a solution that can securely make banking and telecom services accessible right inside of any social network and messaging application, where people spend essential part of their lives. By implementing our core SDK and add-ons such as recommendation and gamification engines, our B2B clients can 24/7 stay top of mind for their customers.

More engagement

Text'nPayMe enables their partners to leverage the existing social graph of the biggest social networks and messaging apps, which allows the users to spend x30 more time in the partners ecosystem, which definitely increases the average check of the user. Our marketing engines lowers advertisement costs and provides features to increase consumer engagement and transaction volume.

Timely fraud prevention

Text'nPayMe's cutting-edge keyboard SDK is able to detect fraud before it even occurs. By integrating our solution, banks and telecoms can offer their customers a real-time safeguard that provides the freedom of securely making transactions in any app as well as ensuring advanced fraud prevention: our keyboard will detect and prevent fraud before it even occurs.

smooth and fast integration

Integration Pipeline

Need assessment

To ensure that our SDK is the most effective solution to our bank and telecom clients, we start the process by engaging with their business representatives to gain a deep understanding of their unique pain points and requirements. By doing so, we are able to customise our product that is designed specifically to address their challenges.

Tailored SDK

Text'nPayMe ecosystem consists of its core keyboard SDK, supporting transactions via text and voice commands, stickers, and keyboard add-ons. Our SDK supports multiple platforms, including iOS, Android on the mobile side and Chrome extension for desktop. It also features cross-platform compatibility. Moreover, based on the need assessment, we offer robust add-ons serving as marketing or fraud detection tools, multiplying the benefit from integration.


Once the SDK is customised to the client's needs, our team works closely with their development team throughout the integration process. The integration itself is a quick and straightforward process, and in most cases, it takes a maximum span of two days for the partner's team to complete the integration.